VCF's Capabilities

From solar panels to medical probes, thin films are revolutionizing a wide range of industries and fueling new innovations around the world. With billions of dollars in new technologies and wide open markets riding on just a few microns of material, thin film quality has never been more important.

At VCF Films, we’ve devoted nearly 50 years to delivering highly engineered thin film and coating solutions to industrial manufacturers, packers and converters worldwide. Our slot die coating process for producing polymer films is the most precise method of thin film manufacturing, yielding the world’s thinnest films that are pinhole and gel free across large batch runs, with optical clarity and dimensional stability unmatched by other processes or manufacturers. View VCF Films' Thin FIlm Capabilities brochure.

We work with a wide variety of polymers, solvents and additives to meet very specific customer coating and film needs in virtually every industry requiring critical components and tolerances.

Example products:

  • High-tempertature films including polyetherimide and polyphenylsulfone, among others, for high-termperature applications including flexible electronics.
  • Flexible polyurethane and silicone films ranging from ultra clear and ultra weatherable paint protection films to very flexible and hydrolytically stable medical grade films.
  • Weatherable films include PVDF and acrylic for clear layers on a flexible solar panel or weather protective layers on signs.
  • VCF can also add specialty fillers in high percentages, as necessary for conductive films, flame resistant films and lithium ion battery coatings.


Today, VCF is globally-renowned for producing the highest quality slot die thin films and coatings including PVC, cellulose acetate butyrate, acrylic and shrink film. Our films are commonly used in consumer products, medical devices, automotive, electronics and optical applications. With our state-of-the-art custom slot die coater and clean production techniques, VCF Films brings a half century of solution casting mastery to the unique thin film converting challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. With efficient fluid pre-metering in a completely closed system, VCF greatly reduces the possibility of contamination that is prevalent in the more common recirculating/contact coating processes. Our advanced solution coating line also allows us to coat on a wide variety of substrates including paper, plastic, fabrics and metals. We coat with many different polymers and solvents allowing us to produce material to your exacting performance specifications and end qualities.

  • Oven control to within 1 degree Fahrenheit yielding perfect drying times
  • Slot die roll runout limited to 50 millionths of an inch
  • Uniform coat thickness of two microns wet and an incredible 1/10 micron dry.
  • A clean coating environment that eliminates contamination
  • Up to a 55” inch effective coating width on a mirror finish band, up to 33” on virtually any other roll-to-roll substrate.
  • Unwind and rewind roll diameters up to 24”


Product quality. Production efficiency. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice one to get the other. That’s why VCF installed a state-of-the art solution slot die coating line that gives you the best of both worlds. From the smallest batch runs in support of R&D trials, to open-ended mass production, VCF guarantees consistent coating quality across a broad spectrum of substrates and production line speeds.

In 2011, VCF invested our 50 years of solvent casting industry leadership and 200 years of collective thin film engineering expertise into a new custom-designed slot die coating line that features:


Thin films have revolutionized numerous industries including display panels, aerospace/defense, optics, holographic security, medical devices and solar power. This micro-revolution is still in its infancy. Put VCF’s unique combination of high-quality film production and ultra-thin coating capabilities to work on today’s proven production items and tomorrow’s game-changers. VCF can support your manufacturing and R&D needs in:

Display Panels

VCF’s solvent cast films are unmatched for clarity, strength and permeability control, making them ideally suited for LCD and OLED applications. Our custom-designed slot die coating line is perfect for prototype, batch and large scale production of heterogeneous coatings for a wide range of TFT-LCD display applications.

If your device manufacturing parameters call for OLED-based displays, VCF can solvent cast your proprietary film formulation on a large scale with minimal startup time and cost, or we can work with you to develop a precise coated film solution that meets the critical oxygen/moisture barrier requirements of OLED technology. When it comes to OLED, better quality film means longer display service life. We’re constantly researching this market and looking for new solutions for our customers.


An industry limited for decades by rigid substrate/crystalline silicon panel production costs is now wide open thanks to thin film. The rapidly developing flexible substrate/amorphous silicon segment is tailor-made for roll-to-roll (R2R) conversion coaters such as VCF. R2R conversion puts solar photovoltaics on a flexible web at incredible speeds, and packages the resulting photovoltaic film in roll form for ease of transport and downstream finishing processes.


Ultra-thin lithium ion batteries require separator films to maintain integrity between anode and cathode and prevent a short circuit. VCF’s high quality production capabilities, including microscopic pores and filled coatings, provide the perfect environment for development of separators, cathode layers and anode layers for use in lithium ion batteries.

VCF barrier films also offer excellent degradation resistance under extreme service conditions in application such as medical implants, RFIDs, remote sensors and smart cards.

VCF produces thin film coatings suitable for flexible circuit boards and interconnects. If your thin film transistor stock is currently produced via plate processing, VCF can provide roll-to-roll production that increases throughput speed while enhancing product quality with our state-of- the-art solution slot die coating process. We’re experts in high temperature films using various polymers required in critical electronic circuit board production.


Tightly controlled deposition rates and the unparalleled clarity and uniform thickness capabilities offered by solvent casting/solution slot die coating make optical properties such as reflectivity, diffraction, transmission and wavelength interference predictable and controllable across a broad spectrum of coatings and substrates. VCF’s solvent processes and expertise yield consistent thin films with highly desired optical properties for consumer and industrial applications including:

  • Low-E glass for home and auto
  • Mirror coatings
  • Anti-reflectivity coatings
  • Precision lens coatings
  • Low birefringent films for minimal distortion through and within polymer films

When security is paramount, so is the quality of your thin film. All of our polymer films are solvent cast. They’re blemish-free with dimensional stability, tensile strength and optical clarity ideally suited for holographic diffraction via micro-embossing or lamination.


From interior laminates to exterior protection, VCF can produce films that keep that new car shining for years to come. Our experience in the automotive market and our Michigan plant location makes us a perfect partner for industry suppliers looking to meet the high quality demands of today’s OEMs and aftermarket manufacturers.


Our high temperature films offer perfect solutions where flame and heat resistance are not just important, they’re critical to the usefulness of the component. Whether OEM or retrofit, our films provide essential protection to sensitive materials.


Acrylic film protects signage, building and architectural products in tough outdoor conditions and adds luster to indoor products. Nobody has more experience producing solution cast acrylic films than VCF. Let us show you how our films can add years of beauty and shielding to your new products.


Medical equipment readings are only as good as the sensors and electrodes at the point of patient contact. Using blemish-free solvent cast films and slot die coatings that maintain uniform conductivity at any specified thickness, VCF is able to produce the world’s finest electrode and sensor films for EKG, ECG, defibrillators, neural/muscular stimulation and many other medical device applications. VCF’s clean-room and conversion production capabilities also yield coatings suitable for implantable devices, pharmaceutical packaging and dispensing items, pressure-sensitive adhesives, diagnostic strips and dermal patches.

VCF stands ready to work with your engineering and product development staff to create coatings that meet your exacting manufacturing specifications and enable your products to perform as never before.

Contact VCF today to discuss your thin film and coating opportunities or to schedule a demonstration of our slot die coating capabilities.