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Research and development, cutting edge materials, toll coating, custom blending, and converting at your Service.


VCF Films is equipped to handle your innovative thin film needs. We have developed relationships with universities which gives us access to inventors, researchers, and specialized equipment for pilot tests.

We also conduct research in our own lab and can produce cutting-edge materials suited to your specific applications.

We have the equipment and expertise to serve your needs. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Blending equipment/custom solvent blending
  • Toll casting
  • Slitting
  • Folding
  • Rewinding and/or orienting in our converting area
  • Chopping recyclable material in our regrind equipment

VCF Films produces:

  • Packaging plastics
  • Heat shrink film
  • CAB, PVC, acrylic, and plastic shrink films
  • Innovative, engineered thin film
  • Water-soluble films
  • Solvent-based and water-based films
  • Water-tight films
  • Chemical-barrier films

Research Lab at Your Service

Whether your project ends up on our production equipment or not, allow us to apply our extensive knowledge and experience in engineered polymers and solvents to bring your packaging and product ideas to life in the form of cutting edge coatings and innovative thin films.

Custom Blending

Custom Blending of your solvent or water based solutions - our equipment boasts:

  • Heat and pressure to assure total dissolution.
  • High intensity cowls mixers with VFD to assure dispersion without damage to sensitive materials.
  • Micron level filtration to remove the smallest of gels and fine particles.
  • Steam and/or hot/cold water jacketing to serve your unique requirements.

Toll Casting Your Proprietary Formulations

Have you already developed a solution cast product, but need to outsource production?

Count on VCF Films to manufacture your product. Supported by decades of experience in the solution casting process, VCF Films allows you to bring a solution cast film to market without spending millions investing in highly-specialized production equipment.

Converting of Your Materials

VCF Film has been converting specialized films for decades – why not allow us to convert your films?

  • Orientation – Gas fired hot air Transverse Direction Orientation (TDO), Hot water heated and chilled Machine Direction Orientation (MDO)
  • Slitting/Folding – full range of sizes via Dusenbery, Stanford and Cameron equipment