Solution Slot Die Coating Machine

VCF Films’ cutting edge coating line offers slot die coating of micron thickness, solvent- or water-based polymer films.

Process Characteristics

  • Pinhole free, dimensionally stable slot die coating roll-to-roll process.
  • Thickness tolerances down to low-single-digit percentage range.
  • Efficient production in small volumes or larger quantities.
  • Flexible coating application – Multi-Layer, continuous, striped, intermittent, etc.
  • Extensive oven system offering a full range of drying capabilities.
  • In-line web cleaning and corona treating.

Potential Specialized Markets:

  • Flexible Electronics
  • Conductive Films
  • Medical Devices
  • Solar Films for Flexible Solar Panels
  • Power Storage – Film Capacitors, Li-Ion Batteries
  • Graphic Displays
  • Printed Electronic Films

Dimensional Capabilities

Thickness: 0.5 - 6 mil
Width: 3" to 30"