Shrink Films

Superior performance whatever your application – your product deserves VCF Films.

VCF Films offers shrink wraps with superior performance, whatever your application.

VCF Films offers films for a variety of plastic shrink film applications:

  • Candles
  • Soaps
  • Retail packaging
  • Gift basket wrap

Whatever your need, we offer a film that will add value to your product.


VCF Films’ solution cast shrink film is the best in the world for wrapping candles and soaps:

  • S-405 film – our staple, suitable for most needs
  • S-435 film – more rigid, higher barrier film for the most challenging candle and soap applications

Other shrink films will soften and turn yellow in a relatively short period of time, causing product to look bad on the shelf. Our solution cast films are engineered specifically for the candle/soap industry and will keep your products looking great for a longer shelf life.

Retail Packaging

Extruded films work well enough in many PVC shrink film applications, however, you may have more extensive needs. We can work with you to find a solution that meets both your performance and cost requirements. Whether your application is suitable for solution cast or extruded film application, VCF Films will support you with the same uniquely superior service.

Gift Basket

Looking for a domestic source for your gift basket wrap needs? Our solution cast shrink films have exceptional clarity and sparkle, as well as a high quality, crisp feel of hand. VCF Films’ shrink film packaging is the right choice for your gift basket needs.

Making us your shrink film supplier will be a great business move for you- contact us today to see what we offer in large and small quantities.