PVC Films

Our PVC films are one of the most versatile product lines we produce. Pure PVC or loaded with additives you need, these films can work for you.

Our PVC films are the most versatile polymer we currently produce. Pure PVC or loaded with the additives you need, these films can work for you.

VCF Films’ PVC film solution casting process results in phthalate-free PVC which is free of heavy metals, so you can take advantage of the tremendous range of properties PVC-based films have to offer.

PVC films continue to be the most versatile line of products we produce. Our films contain all the benefits of the PVC polymer without the negatives associated with more common heat extrusion and calendaring processes.

These packaging films are thin as 12 microns:

  • Dimensionally stable
  • Pinhole free
  • Gel free
  • Rigid or flexible
  • High gloss or matte finish.

Most formulations are easily printed, laminated, die-cut and thermoformed using conventional converting equipment.

If you want PVC films, but don’t see a film you need in our current portfolio, odds are we can formulate a new film for your packaging plastics needs. We’ll add in what you need, and leave out what you don’t.

Typical Applications

  • Light and Laser benefiting from low birefringence properties.
  • Lidding applications thanks to FDA approval and high speed machineability.
  • Graphic arts, including outdoor signage.
  • Car interiors for chemical/UV resistance, depth-of-image, and gloss.
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical applications thanks to our film’s inert characteristics.
  • Anything else that meets your specific needs.