Carbon Conductive Films

Applications include medical electrodes, white boards, smart boards and other electro-sensitive products

VCF’s carbon conductive films are ideal for use in a variety of compact and lightweight medical diagnostics and treatment devices as well as other products. Applications include medical electrodes for patient monitoring, defibrillation and muscle stimulation, white boards, smart boards and other electro-sensitive products. VCF’s films stand out in these markets because our films and coatings are produced exclusively using our precision slot-die coating process.

While numerous coating techniques are employed in supporting device manufacturers, the slot-die coating process is particularly suited for this work. Unlike traditional roll-to-roll coating such as gravure coating, slot-die coating is a closed-loop process where coating fluids are continually pumped and precisely metered. With no excess fluid to recirculate, slot-die systems significantly reduce the risk of contamination. VCF’s self-contained coating room further reduces the risk of any impurities entering the manufacturing environment.

Our slot-die system also yields unmatched consistency and uniformity – critical properties in any industry and particularly the medical device markets. When properties such as conductivity or biocompatibility are essential, films that lack uniform coating dispersion or thickness will compromise the integrity of the device.

Because line speed and coating feed rates are scalable, slot-die systems provide production efficiencies without sacrificing coating quality. With coating thicknesses down to 0.1 microns, slot-die operations can be scaled for trial and batch runs of any size with remarkable consistency. This precision is crucial in the production of many device-critical components such as biopotential electrodes and chemical and temperature sensors.