PVC Films
PVC film is a workhorse polymer, tried and true for an unlimited number of applications. The most versatile polymer we work with, and solution cast well under 25 micron.
Acrylic Films
Acrylic films outdoor weatherability, heat resistance, clarity and abrasion resistance – without the gels and striations found in melt processed acrylics.
Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB) Films
Known for their hardness and chemical resistance, solution cast Cellulose Acetate Butyrate films also offers excellent clarity and dimensional stability. Proven performance in the most challenging downstream converting operations.
Shrink Films
Superior barrier properties combined with gloss and clarity of plastic shrink films for the most stringent retail shrink applications.
Carbon Conductive Films
VCF’s carbon conductive films are ideal for use in a variety of compact and lightweight medical diagnostics and treatment devices as well as other products.
Polymer Films and Coatings
A host of polymer films and coatings in development that make the most of our solution casting process. Consider these ideas for your project and talk with us about how we can use our process to get the most out of your ideas.