Thin Film Experts VCF Films Announces Staff Addition

Howell, Mich., September 2, 2011—VCF Films (VCF) a leading manufacturer of thin polymer films and coatings for a variety of  industries, today announced the appointment of Jean-Christophe (J.C.) Brouet, Ph.D. to the position of technical sales engineer. Brouet holds a doctorate in organic chemistry from Wayne State University and an M.S. in chemical engineering from Ecole Superieure de Chimie Physique Electronique (CPE) in Lyon, France. He was most recently an adjunct assistant professor at Saginaw (Mich.) Valley State University. Brouet will report to VCF’s VP of Sales and Marketing Ray Durling.

The position was created as a result of expansion of VCF’s capabilities and entrance into new markets for its thin polymer film solutions. According to Durling, “we are adding significantly to our technical development and manufacturing offerings and needed someone with J.C.’s scientific background to work with existing and prospective customers as VCF enters a new phase in our 50-year history.” Durling would not comment further on the company’s plans but said they would be making a formal announcement later this month.

With Brouet onboard, VCF is prepared to engage customers at the early product development stage. He will help customers understand how the company’s custom designed and highly engineered thin films can improve performance in a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications in many industries including flexible electronics, medical devices, light management/displays, solar, and automotive.

According to Durling, VCF’s precision slot die process yields the thinnest possible films and coatings while at the same time ensuring blemish-and pinhole-free materials that are used in the manufacturing of critical components. “Thanks to our ability to use a wide range of polymers, additives, solvents and substrates, our films and coatings are indispensible in a broad array of industries where high performance products need high performance materials.”

About VCF Films

VCF is globally-renowned for producing the highest quality slot-die thin films and coatings including PVC, cellulose acetate butyrate, acrylic and PVC shrink film. Their films are used in consumer products, medical devices, automotive, electronics and optical applications. With state-of-the-art custom slot die coaters and clean production techniques, VCF Films brings a half century of solution casting mastery to the unique thin film converting challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Since 1964 VCF Films has delivered highly engineered thin film and coating solutions to industrial manufacturers and converters worldwide. The company’s slot-die coating process for producing polymer films is the most precise method of thin film manufacturing, yielding the world’s thinnest films that are pinhole and gel free across consistent and repeatable batch runs, with optical clarity and dimensional stability unmatched by other processes or manufacturers.

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