Slot-die process is perfect for high temperature films

December 24, 2012 Russell Goering

The slot-die process provides excellent consistency and uniformity -- even down to micron thin films. High temperature films are one of VCF’s general film classes, and Ultem 1000 Polyetherimide (PEI) films specifically, are currently being produced on VCF’s new slot die system. PEI films, such as Ultem 1000, have superb mechanical strength and excellent dielectric properties, and are also known for their high temperature resistance, UV and gamma radiation stability, and hydrolytic stability.


PEI films offer excellent flame resistance and low smoke evolution, making them ideal in the aerospace industry. They also may find niche markets in the automotive and electronics industries and as high temperature tapes. The slot-die process allows for manufacturing of Ultem 1000 films as thin as 5 microns and as thick as a few mils with superb uniformity and mechanical properties. VCF produces Ultem films which are fairly transparent. 


VCF Films is also able to manufacture other high temperature films from resins such as Ultem XH6050, polyphenyl sulfone, and polyether sulfone and will custom-develop high temperature films from other resins upon customer demand.